Off the Dome


Every once in a while you go see a band that touches your soul. Even further, you remember why you enjoy seeing live music in the first place.

So, who are they?

Off the Dome cannot be classified into one particular style. In fact, they outright refuse to be!  Since the beginning they've been known to be eclectic, touching on genres such as Psychedelic Rock, Funk, Jazz, and Reggae.  The styles may vary, but it has always been the same four guys playing the music.

The comradery that exists on stage between Zack, Spigs, Aaron, & Rob is contagious.  Shows are full of smiles and laughter, the large catalogue of songs keeping it fresh and interesting.  With every passing gig, the fan-base extends, the same four word phrase being uttered each time:

“Welcome to the crew."

YASGUR'S BARN - 8/12/17.jpg

Meet the Band

Zack Borgstedt - Lead Vocals/Guitar


From the moment he steps on stage, you're hooked!  Zack Borgstedt delivers an insane amount of energy from start to finish.  Between his "creation of space" on guitar to his mesmerizing lead vocals, Zack is sure to deliver a powerhouse performance, night after night.

John "Spigs" Spignesi - Lead Guitar/Backing vocals


Drawing from influences such as Jerry Garcia, Scott Murawski, & Duane Allman, John "Spigs" Spignesi brings his own unique style to Off the Dome.  He can often be found deep in a jam listening intently.  Spigs ultimately believes in creating during what he calls, "the moment."

Aaron Stapleton - Bass/backing vocals


Brought up with absolutely zero formal training, Aaron Stapleton is a force to be reckoned with.  His ability to dive deep into a jam and turn it on a dime is something that keeps both the listeners and the band on their toes.  Inspired by bands such as Tool & Green Day, Aaron's unique style makes Off the Dome what it is today.

Robert Engengro - Drums/Backing Vocals


He started on a briefcase, and look where he is now!  A rhythmic rocker by nature, Robert Engengro is known for his ability to play a multitude of styles and genres.  His knowledge of Classic Rock has brought a unique old school element to Off the Dome, bringing people back for more, night after night.